Sunday, February 20, 2011

On Original Thought

Original is a term  most widely admired by all. From the ancient age to neoliberal age a lot of emphasis  has been given to develop original thought to combat the social stigmas crippling human existences. But why we humans are so bovine creatures when it comes to accepting influential preachers; we do so not even  allowing a  fleck of skepticism to shroud our sense of submission.

With so much precious stones dug out of the infinite well of scientific wisdom and yet so much to come we have started to question many scientific facts vis-à-vis their existence as truth. Truth is the driving force for facts to go towards authenticity. The inquisitive minds of researchers have guided their purview from subatomic level to the  god particle or to an unified theory to explain every physical and metaphysical manifestation; all happening in the quest of the ultimate truth. Of late, "String theory" with all its dubious capability to validate the eastern and western mysticism  has created a brouhaha among the scientific community. So if truth is so sought after single undefined thing to explain every tangible and intangible appearances ; how can we be so submissive while accepting the words of any spirtual leader. Why don't we question as much as we do while getting vocational education in an intramural setup. Since we allow our reasons to take a backseat in pursuing the science of consciousness, very less research so far has been done on this by academia unlike in the realms of physical sciences.

We stumble too often and cry helplessly on petty things. Conventional quick fix measures to address problems relating to our humdrum existence does not apply quite well to deal  with the spiritual and emotional conflicts. We give lot of attention to what brings in money and social status but seldom care about  ourself. Here I might sound a little bit deconstructive if I say the virtue of selfishness is the key to unshackle the consciousness off its narrow confines built on the prejudiced logic and transcend it to  a  level  where original thought supplants all our learnings. But how to be selfish and then  how to unlearn?  The answer to it lies in the magic of love. To be selfish is to love yourself though not like a narcissist. We say we love our friends and they say the same to us. But how can we love each other without loving ourselves. We should be independent first to love ourself. We should enjoy the company of self and derive utmost pleasure in pursuing our hobbies and dreams, we cherish and know how to appreciate them too. If i don't love every bit of myself how can someone with same incompleteness will  do it. When love is a need then it is mere addiction and will need increased addiction like opium or any other narcotics. It will give you moments of ecstatic delusions with possessions and frustrations with loss just like cycles of stupor and craving. We are like half filled pots asking more to pour in from the other side. With all awareness of being pauper we become  slave of artifice to pose ourself as the king for the other. Both being continuously on a begging term make the relationship sore and dead. We need to be like springs flowing endlessly with unconditional generosity to make ourself complete. So love is not  complementary ,rather it is the harmony among the tunes of tabla,guitar ,flute etcetera which are complete on individual terms in producing magical effect in human heart without the assistance of other. The flute never complains about the absence of tabla neither anyone of it does so because they are divine alone. To love yourself you need to be free from external influences. In the presence of guitar the flute doesn't produce a different tune, it is still in its original rhythm. With all this we should remember that we are first and we are the master of love and not a headless  minion glorified to be owned by it.With gradual practice and realization of it we will feel that this is the eternal source of altruism and selflessness.

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